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    Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Wood Floors

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Regular care and cleaning are great ways to invest in your wood furniture. Cleaning prolongs the life and beauty of a piece while removing debris from its surface. Below are various cleaning tips for wood furniture
    Polishing Finished Furniture
    The best cleaning agent to clean your wood furniture with will depend on the type of finish, but a lint-free cloth is essential for all polishing. Dab a small amount of wood furniture polish on the cloth and gently rub the surfaces until it shines. Wipe in the direction of the grain with either an oil- or wax-based polish. Once you’ve chosen between oil and wax, use that same choice when polishing that piece every time. 
    Removing Water Marks on Wood
    If exposure to water or steam has left a white mark on your furniture, consider this odd yet incredibly effective technique to remove watermarks: Spread two tablespoons of mayonnaise on a paper towel and press the towel over the watermark lightly. Then, let the towel lie on the stain for 15 minutes. Older water marks tend to be more stubborn. If this is the case, let the towel sit overnight.
    Cleaning Painted Wood Furniture
    Painted furniture requires simple, regular care to keep it in good condition for years. Once a week, dust your piece and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth lightly dampened with water. Consider adding an oil finish for maximum protection.
    Removing Built-up Wax
    After living in your home for several years, your wood furniture may develop a waxy buildup on its surface. To remove the buildup, put some synthetic turpentine or mineral spirit on a lint-free, soft cloth and apply. 
    If you want to add a beautiful piece of wood furniture to your bedroom, kitchen, or living room, choose from the wide selection in our showroom at Design Center Furniture in Orange County. We carry top-of-the-line brands at affordable prices. Call us today at (714) 288-9421 for more information. 

    Design Center Gives You a Look at Paula Dean's Furniture Line

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Paula Deen’s roots in Albany, Georgia along with her love of home and hearth inspire her new furniture line. This collection is a modern throwback to 18th and 19th century antique furniture but is built for comfort and durability in the home.
    Learn what’s behind Paula Deen’s new furniture line in this video. Her love of life and family are reflected in the textured, classic, and functional furniture pieces that highlight her line. If you love feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home, you’ll love Paula Deen’s new line simply called, Home.
    To check out great selections of classic and modern furniture, check out Design Center Furniture’s showroom in Orange County. Call us today at (714) 288-9421 for more information. 

    Design Center 5-Star Review on Yelp!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    • on Yelp
    • There are a few things in life I hate: Taxes, Gardening, and Furniture Shopping.

      I have driven by Design Center well over 100 times and finally, after purchasing a home, decided to stop in. I will never buy furniture, at least large pieces, at another furniture store again...unless I move out of state.

      Brian (the... More

      Robert H.

    Steps to Take Before Buying Furniture

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Furniture shopping is a great way to put a fresh face on your house. But before you purchase the first couch to catch your eye, take a moment to consider fashion and function. Follow these steps to ensure you enjoy your new furniture for years to come. 
    Consider How Often the Piece Will Be Used
    When buying a piece of furniture like a couch or chair, consider what role it will play for seating family and guests. Is it durable enough for everyday use in the living room? Will the pets be allowed on it? Will it be used only for special occasions and guests in the dining room? Consider whether its fabric and structure are suitable for its intended use in your household. 
    Ask Whether the Piece Will Complement Your Existing Furniture 
    Take along a folder with photographs, paint samples, swatches of carpet, and anything else to help you pick complementary furniture. If there is an existing piece of furniture that serves as a room’s focal point, bring a fabric sample of the piece. An easy way to do this is by removing the fabric cover from the cushion, if it has one, and taking it with you. 
    Measure Your Available Space
    No matter how much you may like that new huge leather couch or beautiful oak armoire, remember that you have to get it through the door first! Record measurements of potential spaces for your new furniture, measure the door and access points in your home, and bring a tape measurer shopping with you. You may want to draw up a floor plan and bring that too. 
    Don’t Rush!
    Don’t shop on a deadline. Cramming in furniture shopping the day before your in-laws visit will leave you buying on impulse. Think in the long-term instead of the short-term. After all, you’ll want to enjoy your new furniture for years to come. 
    At Design Center Furniture in Orange County, we pride ourselves on our low prices and excellent selection. Our friendly sales team will happily give you expert advice with no pressure to buy. Come by to experience our showroom and reinvent your bedroom, living room, or any other room in the house with our exceptional furniture. Call us today at (714) 288-9421 for more information.

    Options For Financing Your Home Furniture

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Just because your budget is tight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice owning quality furniture! With furniture financing options, there are flexible ways to redecorate now and pay later. When buying furniture, choose a retailer who will work to make your furniture purchase as easy as possible. Check out this information about Design Center Furniture’s options for financing your furniture shopping through private label credit cards and free layaway options.

    Private Label Credit Card
    A private label credit card can be obtained by submitting an application at the point of sale. Once your application is approved, you’ll get an account number and a maximum total dollar amount that you can charge to the card. Enjoy increased buying power and payment flexibility for the furniture you need now with a private label credit card!

    Free Layaway
    Layaway is a great way to make payments toward the furniture of your dreams over an extended period of time with no interest rates. Layaway works like this: You pick out the furniture you want and put down a non-refundable amount of 10% or more on the total purchase amount. Then, you have 120 days to make payments toward your purchase. You choose the amount and frequency of payments that work for you. No finance charges of any kind apply to this agreement; all you have to do is make payments. When the full amount is received, your order will be officially placed and the furniture will be delivered to your home.

    Of course, cash and traditional credit card purchases are always welcome, too. Design Center Furniture in Orange County offers several flexible options to get the stunning furniture from our showroom into your living room, bedroom, dining room, or wherever you’re redecorating in your house. Call us today at (714) 288-9421 for more information about our free layaway and private label credit card options.

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