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    3 Tips for Furnishing an Empty Home

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Working with an empty house gives you limitless possibilities for design opportunity. Before heading to the furniture store, make a plan for the furniture that you want. These tips will help you narrow down your furniture selection for your new home:

    1. Start with the Basics

    The first step to decorating a home is to purchase the furniture that you cannot live without. Find bedroom furniture like a bed and a dresser so you have a comfortable place to sleep and store clothing. Living room furniture like a sofa and loveseat give you a place to relax after a full day of unpacking. Equip yourself with a table where you can eat your meals. Starting with these basic pieces of furniture will help you lay a foundation for your new décor. 

    2. Decide on a Style

    As you start to choose bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture, think about what kind of design style you want for your home. For modern looks, try to keep your furniture and accessories simple and understated. Eclectic styles incorporate the best of a few different design schemes. However you want to decorate your house, your furniture is a huge part of it, so make sure to choose pieces that fit into your design aesthetic.

    3. Do a Little at a Time

    You should not rush when it comes to finding the perfect furnishings for your home. Take a few trips to the furniture store, and browse through the different styles. Giving yourself the time to decide what you really want ensures that you are buying furniture you love. Once you have the basics, be patient about finding the rest.

    Design Center Furniture brings brand-name furniture to the residents of Orange County. With our great selection, you can find everything you need to furnish your home. For more information on our products, call (714) 288-9421.

    Benefits of Buying Furniture from a Local Store Instead of a Direct Manufacturer

    Last updated 6 years ago

    When you buy furniture, you should expect to have a pleasant experience. Dealing with a direct manufacturer is a process that could result in frustration and stress. Keep your shopping local to enjoy a great experience every time. Buy from a local furniture store to receive the following benefits each time you shop:

    • Personalized Service

    To a direct manufacturer, you are a mere blip in the ocean of clients with whom they work. When you walk into a local store, though, you are given personalized service that makes you feel wanted and welcome. The dedicated staff of a local store is eager to help you find exactly what you want. Whether you are shopping for bedroom or living room furniture, they can work with you to find exactly what you want.

    • Unique Furnishings and Accessories

    You do not want to buy the same home furniture that is already in your neighbor’s house. With the mass-produced furniture of a direct manufacturer, you might accidentally purchase the same sofa as your friend. A local store, though, will have unique furnishings and accessories that give your home a personality of its own.

    • Great Prices

    Because the owners of a local store care so much about your business, they work hard to bring you great prices on brand-name items. Stick to shopping at local stores to get the most for your money.

    Design Center Furniture cares about your business. When you need furniture, we work hard to help you find the exact pieces that you want for your home. Come in today to talk to our knowledgeable staff about your aesthetic preferences. To learn more about our products and services for the Orange County area, visit us online or call (714) 288-9421.

    Design Center Gives You Tips For Choosing The Right Home Furniture Size

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Bringing home furniture that’s too large for the available space is one of the most common mistakes furniture buyers make. Take some time to figure out the dimensions of the room and what size furniture will work best before you buy.
    This video from has some excellent advice on choosing the right size furniture for your home. It’s recommended that furniture shoppers measure all their doorways and hallways before hitting the showroom to see what size furniture will even fit through the door. Shoppers should ask for spec sheets with all the measurements of the pieces they are interested in and use that information to see if they fit in their homes. Learn some more size selection tips by watching this clip.
    For a wide selection of high-quality furniture at fair and affordable prices, call Design Center Furniture at (714) 288-9421. 

    Looking for Quality Home Furniture? Look no Further Than Design Center!

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Even when shopping for furniture for your home, it is important to know what type of furniture work best for you, your wallet, home, and life. Visit these helpful links provided to you by Design Center Furniture to learn more about some of the best furnishings for you and your home. 
    • Check out furniture suggestions for animal lovers with this article from The Florida Times-Union. 
    • Furniture shopping is often a fun and exciting experience. Make it a smart one too with these furniture buying tips from The Washington Post.
    • How can you make sure your new dining table, sofa, or armoire will fit in your home? Learn how to measure for new furniture with 
    • Do you want to turn your college-bound kid’s room into your new home office? Learn how to establish and organize your new home office with these three tips from
    • Impress your neighbors and friends with a modern and trendsetting dining room. Learn what’s hot in dining room furnishings with this online article.
    Design Center Furniture is the best place to shop for new home furniture in Orange County. We offer a very large and diverse collection of furniture and very affordable prices! Not to mention, we offer free layaway too! Give us a call today at (714) 288-9421 for more information about the different brands that we carry.

    Design Center Helps You Buy and Maintain Your Furniture With These Helpful Tips

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Smart furniture shopping is all about knowing what types of furniture work best for your budget, home, and lifestyle. Find out more about home furnishings by exploring these useful links and articles. 
    • Did Uncle Larry forget to put a coaster under his drink again? Learn how to remove water spots from your wooden furniture with this handy mayonnaise remedy.
    • Learn the best ways to clean wood furniture with oiled, painted, and polished surfaces with these tips from
    • If buying furniture from an environmentally conscious furniture brand is important to you, consider Hooker Furniture. This company has won awards for its commitment to environmental stewardship. 
    • Layaway is a great option for shoppers looking to spread out the cost of buying furniture. Learn about how consumers rediscovered the value of layaway purchasing by reading this article from ABC News. 
    • Furniture shopping for a small house comes with unique challenges. Take some advice from on how to do it. 
    Design Center Furniture is the place to shop for furniture in Orange County. We have a huge selection, affordable prices, and offer free layaway. Call us today at
    (714) 288-9421 for more information.

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